We’re celebrating summer in Mordy with the Mordy Summer Market & Music!

Held on Thu, Jan 25 and running between 4pm – 8pm, join us on Mordy Main Street for:

  • Loads of great market stalls
  • FREE face painting
  • FREE summer craft station


All these wonderful local musicians playing up and down the street:

Outside Sol Agave, 499 Main Street:

  • 4 – 6pm – Steven Reinhardt: acoustic guitar
  • 6 – 8pm – Laura de Elvira: flamenco guitar, vocals in English, Italian and Spanish, ambient guitar music

Outside A1 Hairmax, 535 Main Street:

  • 4 – 6pm – Charlotte Lily is a 13 year old singer and violinist who has played teen Fiona and Dragon in Shrek the Musical Jnr
  • 6 – 8pm – Sliq Mick is a hip hop artist / singer / expressive rapper. All his music is closely related to mindfulness and mental health awareness

Outside Immi Dumplings, 562 Main Street:

  • 4 – 6pm – Alicia Lambert: guitar/ukulele and singer performing a range of pop and pop-folk songs from different years!
  • 6 – 8pm – Sam Vance: solo guitar and vocals covers and originals

Owen Street:

  • 4 – 6pm – The OK Billy Band: let’s go Greek and let’s dance!
  • 6 – 8pm – The Charltons: acoustic cover band that plays a wide variety of songs. We are a very close group of friends who play music for the love of it

Outside Mordy Cellar Door. 622 Main Street:

  • 4 – 6pm – Olivia G: solo artist singing soul, pop, Jazz, classics and current
  • 6 – 8pm – Kiah Bender: solo singer and acoustic guitar player

NOTE: All stalls and entertainment are held under business awnings on the street so, if it is raining, you will be protected. Just rug up and bring a brolly for when crossing roads and you’ll be fine!


See below for all market stalls on the night (note this is still being updated with more stalls to come. Would you love a stall at this event? Apply here.):

  Location Business Name Offering Social 
1 554a Main Street (outside Aust Post) CRAFT STATION  FREE summer craft for kids!  
2 554 Main Street (outside Medical Centre) little_fox_boutique_melbourne Kids and adults handbags, backpacks and more, variety of keys rings, kids and adults hats, sunglasses and clothes, pencil cases, storage options FACEBOOK
3 554 Main Street (outside Medical Centre) The Attraction Point  Crystals mainly, handmade candles, soaps bath bombs oracle cards sage FACEBOOK
4 562 Main Street (outside Immi Dumplings) MUSIC – 4 – 6pm Ali Lamb is a captivating pop/folk singer/songwriter who paints tales with her melodies. At just 23 years young, Ali’s journey into the realm of music began at the tender age of 6 WEB
5 562 Main Street (outside Immi Dumplings) MUSIC – 6 – 8pm Catch Sam Vance playing solo guitar and vocals covers and originals  
6 566 Main Street (Mark Dreyfus office) Bali Treasures Dream catchers, wood statues, macrame, bali clothes, metal art  
7 Owen Street  MUSIC – 4 – 6pm The OK Billy Greek Band – get ready to dance!  
8 Owen Street  MUSIC – 6 – 8pm Join The Charltons! A Hard Hitting, Beer Slinging, Soul Soothing cover band from South East Melbourne. With a diverse repertoire of songs, that spans from old-school rock & roll anthems to new age pop, they bring energy and passion to each performance WEB
9 590 Main Street (The Sporting Globe) Laceyclay.byjen Polymer clay earrings FACEBOOK
10 10/600 Main Street (Illest Kebabs) Allegra’s Bows I hand make accessories including bows, headbands, hair clips and hair ties, personalised UV400 sunglasses as well as personalised jelly bags INSTA
11 622 Main Street (Mordy Cellar Door MUSIC – 4 – 6pm Olivia G is a singer/songwriter who has been singing since the age of 5. With influences including Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Adele and Janis Joplin she loves to sing blues, soul, pop, jazz and more INSTA
12 622 Main Street (Mordy Cellar Door MUSIC – 6 – 8pm Experience a magical sonic journey of covers from the 60’s the 2000’s, with some tasty originals sprinkled in with Kiah Bender! INSTA
CROSS ROAD:        
13 483 Main Street (Mordi Optical) Beena & Ro Acrylic statement dangle earrings, polymer clay necklaces, handpainted stud earrings WEB
14 489 Main Street (Salvos) Natalie Calia Ceramics Functional and decorative wheelthrown ceramics INSTA
15 491 – 493 Main Street (Greenhaven Funerals) Johnny Crates Rock Pop Soul Jazz Music Records  
16 495 Main Street (MAK Realty) Hunter Crafts (Young Entrepreneur) Candles, hand crafts, art  
17 497 Main Street (Lions Op Shop) Lions Project 123Read2Me Lions Project 123Read2Me, we will be giving out free books to Children. 123Read2Me collects unwanted children books and gives them out to Children and Schools to set up libraries. WEB
18 499 Main Street (Sol Agave) MUSIC – 4 – 6pm Steven Reinhardt is a singer-songwriter reminiscent of the 90s/00s greats such as Jeff Buckley and Daniel Johns INSTA
19 499 Main Street (Sol Agave) MUSIC – 6 – 8pm Laura de Elvira is a Melbourne-born and -based musician with a special connection to Europe through heritage and lived experience. Her versatility as a musician sees her playing flamenco guitar one minute and singing crowd favourites the next, and in multiple languages!  INSTA
20 499 Main Street Sol Agave Selling $5 take away chicken, beef and veg tacos! Also, offering Happy Hour until 7pm! WEB
21 507 Main Street (Barry Plant) Perfectdae Beach towels, bottles and beach bags WEB
22 507 Main Street (Mordi Florist) Liv’s Dog Treats Home made gluten free dog biscuits FACEBOOK
23 511/513 Main Street (outside Fernwood Fusion) SAQ Artistry Henna Stall – Henna Art and Customised Henna Art(organic Tattoos) INSTA
24 511/513 Main Street (outside Fernwood Fusion) Robyn’s Nook Jewellery Upcycled/ recycled jewellery and artwork FACEBOOK
25 515 Main Street Soul Recalibration A biotuning service, feather crystal wands and hair jewels FACEBOOK
26 517 Main Street (Excite Health & Fitness) Groove is in the Art Bespoke pop art hand painted plant pots, mugs, ceramic drink coasters, fridge magnets, canvas’ INSTA
27 521 Main Street (Ray White) Em J Empire All handmade by me- suncatchers of all sorts, stickers and decals, keyrings, macrame hangings, crystal macrame wrapped jewellery (less stocks) WEB
28 Cnr Main Street & Bear Street (CBA) By The Bay Scents (Young Entrepreneur) Candles, diffusers, scrunchies, napkins WEB
29 Cnr Main Street & Bear Street (CBA) Nature’s Intentions Organic skincare (face oils , liquid foaming cleansers, flower waters, bath-body products, bath bombs, magnesium oil, magnesium body butters, eco max body brushes, essential oils and diffusers WEB
30 A1 Hairmax Barber (535 Main Street) MUSIC – 4 – 6pm Charlotte is a 13 year old singer and violinist.  She loves everything to do with music, in particular musical theatre and playing the violin. Charlotte has played teen Fiona and Dragon in Shrek the Musical Jnr and has performed with Dan Hamill Performance Coaching and Terri Talks.  Her dream is to star in a Broadway musical one day.  INSTA
31 A1 Hairmax Barber (535 Main Street) MUSIC – 6 – 8pm Sliq Mick is a hip hop artist / singer / expressive rapper.
All his music is closely related to mindfulness and mental health awareness and his main goal,  through his music is to get people more comfortable expressing themselves more openly and honestly
32 537 Main Street  Family Life Op Shop stall Selling 2nd hand and retro items WEB

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