Looking for something free and fun to do these school holidays?

Take fun pics with our 3D artworks!

We have six fun beach-themed 3D artworks on our Main Street footpaths, waiting for you to stop and take interactive pics! The photo taker should stand on the feet (in the circle) on the ground to get the 3D effect when taking the photo and you should jump in the shot to make it even more amazing!

See below for locations of where artworks are and ideas for how to interact, although we’d much rather see you get creative! Make sure to hashtag #mainstreetmordialloc if uploading to social so we can see too!

3D Artwork Mordialloc


Find the dolphin outside Aust Post, 554 Main Street

3D Artwork Mordialloc

Dropped Ice cream

Find the dropped ice cream outside Lima & Co, 580 Main Street

3D Artwork Mordialloc

Wave & Surfboard

Find the wave and surfboard outside Rip Curl, 628 Main Street

3D Artwork Mordialloc

Skate Ramp & Skateboard

Find the skate ramp and skateboard outside OCD Skateshop, 541 Main Street

3D Artwork Mordialloc


Find the seagull outside Tanabe Japanese, 479 Main Street

3D Artwork Mordialloc


Find the octopus outside Barry Plant, 507 Main Street

Mural Mordialloc

Seagull Stealing a Chip Mural

Although not 3D, this mural is still interactive! Hold the chip for a pic that looks like the seagull is trying to steal it! Find this mural on Mordy Cellar Door wall, 622 Main Street

Check out all Mordy Main Street Precinct businesses in our directory:

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