Welcome to OBrien Real Estate Mordialloc! We are a dedicated team of seasoned professionals who are deeply committed to delivering outstanding real estate services in the stunning coastal locale of Mordialloc.

At OBrien Real Estate Mordialloc, our foremost goal is to cultivate long-lasting connections with our clients, firmly grounded in trust, transparency, and open lines of communication. Our unwavering dedication to providing top-tier customer service is the cornerstone of our operation. We understand that the decision to buy or sell a property is a monumental one, and we stand by your side with expert guidance and a personal touch.

 Nestled in the heart of Mordialloc, our office is a welcoming hub where clients can discuss their unique property needs and receive individualized attention. Whether you’re embarking on a journey to buy, sell, or rent, our team possesses the knowledge and resources to accompany you through every step of the process.

Complimentary Property Valuations

Our team of skilled real estate agents excels in evaluating property values in Mordialloc. We extend our hand with complimentary valuations for both properties for sale and rent. Our valuation process meticulously considers a range of factors, encompassing the property’s proximity to local amenities, schools, and shopping centres, as well as its unique features. To ensure a precise estimation of your property’s value, we also factor in recent property transactions in your neighbourhood. Whether you’re contemplating the sale of your home or investment property, our valuation experts are readily available for consultations.

Property Management Services

Backed by a wealth of resources and expertise, we can effectively manage a diverse array of rental and lease properties. OBrien Real Estate Mordialloc currently oversees a substantial portfolio. Employing cutting-edge software, we streamline rent collection, conduct regular property inspections, oversee maintenance tasks, and produce comprehensive tax-related documentation. Our adherence to the Residential Tenancies Act ensures that your investment property is managed in strict compliance with the relevant regulations. Our commitment is centred on upholding fairness between tenants and property owners, all with the ultimate objective of optimizing your return on investment.

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If you’d like to talk to our approachable team regarding property appraisal or engage in a conversation with one of our experienced property managers, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (03) 9586 7555.

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