Since 1989, Bay Freedom Physio & Pilates have always believed that an integrated approach to your health is the most effective way of ensuring a positive long-term outcome. Our 33 years+ of extensive experience, training and thorough clinical assessment, combined with our passion to accurately diagnose your complaint and create an individual management strategy specific to your unique needs, work to prevent problems from returning or others happening in the first place.

We specialise in the treatment of headaches, back pain, muscle pains, neck pain, osteoarthritis, poor balance, occupational strains and much more, through the use of the latest evidence-supported treatments and methods such as gentle joint mobilisation, muscle re-education, myotherapy (massage, spray &/stretching, acupressure, dry needling) & clinical pilates to name a few.

We also offer Clinical Pilates, which can work as a cornerstone to your recovery and wellbeing following an assessment by a Bay Freedom Physiotherapist, who will perform a subjective and objective examination diagnosing the exact source of your pain or health problem.

Your physiotherapist will then use specialised clinical reasoning to establish why you are suffering from your current symptoms. They will then assess the deep stabilising muscular system to address the dysfunction and provide a unique ‘biased’ motor control program for your most effective and efficient recovery that may be supervised 1:1 and/or in a class and/or undertaken outside of the clinic. As this is officially clinically recognised, it is all rebated by private health insurers/third parties, e.g. TAC/WorkSafe, etc.

Our aim at Bay Freedom Physiotherapy and Pilates is to help you to manage your condition with a calm, reassuring manner and plain-English explanations to support your physical journey to optimum health. Our treatments aim to help you become, and stay, pain free.

Physiotherapy Mordialloc
Physiotherapy Mordialloc
Physiotherapy Mordialloc

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